Based on my personal research on the feeling of «cringe» and how to overcome it.

When we cringe, we observe another person's model, look at their reactions of embarrassment or lack thereof, and in response, we model our own reaction, which corresponds to the preservation and maintenance of the other person's behavior model. We feel anxiety or shame when we try to maintain our identity in an attempt to constantly maintain the definition of who we are, which can be either false or true.

This requires a lot of effort, and we cringe at how our personality changes in certain conditions and how much its dynamics require from us. To cringe is to feel what, in our opinion, another person feels if we were in their place. This is the starting point for empathy. It is possible to overcome cringe by going beyond ourselves and breaking the endless cycle of modeling.

Pulling certain images out of ourselves, going beyond our limits, legitimizing the images by putting ourselves in a position where we shrink from how naked and truthful they are. This process is not about experiencing "cringe," but about building empathy and breaking down barriers between ourselves and others.